Limestone Outcropping Walls, Oh my!

The overall reaction to this completed job is "Wow!', even by our own team.
Project main image.
Project Name
Limestone Outcropping Walls, Oh my!
Traverse City, Michigan
Type of Project
Residential Project

Scope of Work:

This homeowner pulled no punches! His property was very steep in some areas, making it hard for his family to access; we remedied this by building retaining walls throughout. Each limestone block of these walls weighs around 1,000 pounds!

The homeowner had a vision to for the hardscapes to highlight his other design choices, and we were happy to exceed expectations.

The Hard Part:

When we started this job, the home was still being built, so there was a lot of action at the job-site. Thankfully we are not strangers to a hectic work environment and were able to work in harmony with various other crews.

Since we were tackling many different things and dealing with a variety of elevations, we made a game plan so we could complete the work in phases.

The Grand Finale:

What you see here is the final outcome. We love how the work of the landscapers complimented our hard work, making this project shine! This job is a stunning example that things can be aesthetically pleasing and still serve a purpose!

The overall reaction to this completed job is "Wow!', even by our own team.

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