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We believe that a functional and beautiful exterior is the way to make a great impression.
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"The secret to successful commercial hardscaping is a detailed plan which takes into consideration the climate, soil type, functionality, and budget. Hardscape design is great because it often requires little maintenance once the build is complete."
Brian Girard
Founder & Owner
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Retaining Walls

When properly constructed, a well-made retaining wall is a durable and aesthetically-pleasing addition to business exteriors.
Whether you are looking to preserve the integrity of your landscape or put in a decorative feature, Northern QMS has the team to build what you are looking for.
Segmented Walls
Segmented walls utilize bricks which are made to fit together like puzzle pieces.
Mortar Walls
Mortar is made from materials such as brick and stone that are fused together.
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Retaining Wall
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Walkways & Steps

When it comes to flooring materials for outdoor spaces, few products beat pavers in strength, durability, and cost. Whether it's concrete, brick, travertine, marble, or limestone, Northern QMS will design and construct a welcoming entrance for your commercial property.

Accent Lighting

We can add accent lighting to any of our projects! They are commonly added to retaining walls and staircases for safety and aesthetic appeal.

water features

We can beautifully compliment your existing water features through hardscaping.
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