Lakemore Resort

Always love working on hardscapes for our friends at Lakemore Resort!
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Project Name
Lakemore Resort
Traverse City, Michigan
Type of Project
Commercial Project

Scope of Work

Lakemore Resort requested retaining walls, paver patios, steps, hot tub installations, driveways with pavers, parking areas with pavers. This client wanted an easy way to walk to his local country club, and to create a beautiful area to entertain.

The Design

We had to consider the elevations and factor in the existing structures, a lot of our planning revolved around the excavation process. We were dealing with a condo that backed up to a large hillside, so we had to cut through to build this pathway which required a lot of hard work and planning.

Unique Attributes

The cool thing about working at Lakemore Resort is that each vacation home has a different feel. We worked on all of the above for each house and it was very fun to make each have their own creative flair.

This project came together beautifully, all of our hard work paid off and Lakemore is now taking guests to enjoy a calming experience in their beautiful lakefront homes.

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Limestone Outcropping Walls, Oh my!

The overall reaction to this completed job is "Wow!', even by our own team.
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